Fun Footnotes

Spoiler Alert!

Music plays a significant role in K.C.’s writing process. You might notice that theme! The tune is often hinted somewhere in that chapter (by title or artist).

Synapse’s CFO’s bustling, logical mind was modeled after one of K.C.’s former colleagues, who shared the same title.

“Crossfire” by Brandon Flowers gave Suzy the courage to physically persuade Carlson to dance with her, infusing their stolen moment under the desert sky. “The crossfire of harsh craving and unspeakable restraint.”

During the conceptual stage (i.e., daydreaming), Caden wasn’t supposed to be a callous character. The second he was introduced, his outrageous personality too over.

The “man-meat” auction was inspired by an actual event hosted by a nonprofit where K.C. was a volunteer.

Made From Chance went through several title changes (and covers) including Chasing the Beginning, Love & Scorned, and Paper Hearts.

Flawed’s design was modeled after a hotel in the heart of Los Angeles that boasted red pods on its trendy, rooftop bar, famous for hosting rowdy, after-hours events. 

Maddy woke up with a lizard crawling on her hand. That actually happened to K.C., though in a very different setting.

Original draft was titled Gravity in Wait.

Music influence: “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

Brad’s memory of Gemma as a little girl on the trampoline gazing longingly at the street just over the wall… can you guess what song inspired that scene? (hint: The Killers)

In the final chapter when Jonathan was struggling to keep up with his baby sis on the piano, the scene was “composed” with Coldplay’s Clocks on repeat.

Damian’s father was introduced as a handsome politician. As the scene was formulating, a certain mouthwatering governor’s appearance leaped into K.C.’s mind and took hold. (In physical appearance only!)

In the very early draft, Paige was a maid in Colin’s office building, dejected and lonely. Five chapters into the book, the vibrant personality that emerged didn’t fit her original role. The chapters were completely rewritten.

Almost every time K.C. engaged the “street view image” feature on Google Maps, she wondered about the people captured, frozen in time. The idea led to the intro to Mika’s fate and run-in with her long lost love.

Rome’s quiet soul-searching was roused by the song “Boy” by The Killers.

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