Reinventing Fate (Deleted Scene)

Paige’s Prologue When I was five, I foolishly thought I’d grow up to be a princess. At eleven, I had matured to believe I can be anything I wanted, including a scientist. At sixteen I became a statistic. Twenty-five years after my first harsh cry for breath, I was reborn.

The Platonic Boyfriend Experiment (Deleted Scene)

Chelsea For some reason my quick response seems to be the wrong one when he pushes himself up to stare down at me. “Do you?” This time it was a question. Direct and insistent. My throat goes dry. I’m not good at this. The bedroom talk. Before or after. Now this insanely hot man is […]

Maybe I Lied (Deleted Scene)

Fourteen months before… Maddy With an exasperated and not a little irritated huff, I forcefully wedged a pair of yoga pants into the overflowing suitcase. The luggage’s partner was already stuffed to capacity and sitting by the front door, ready for its early morning flight to our new temporary home. In Asia. In a country […]