Captivating Force of Books and Getting Back in the Game

This year, I took a long break from writing. You might’ve noticed a nine-month gap between the release of my last book and the upcoming Made From Chance. In February, my son lost his father unexpectedly, a month before the scheduled release of Resurrecting Fate. My creative mind went blank. For months. It wasn’t so […]

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? How do characters form? How are they named? What are their personalities? What’s the primary plot? How about race? Age? Occupation? Who’s at the door? What did they have for dinner? To that, I shrug my perplexed shoulders. I admire authors who create an outline before beginning to write a book. […]

Do Romance Novels Have a Bad Rep?

I recently had a conversation with a casual acquaintance about writing romance books. Let’s call her JB. She was not familiar with the genre, leaning a lot more toward the genre of Netflix/Hulu/You-Name-It-She-Subscribes-to-It. Upon further consideration, my entire conversation with JB didn’t sit well with me. JB: “I hope kids don’t think they (romance novels) […]

Rearranging Fate Blog 1: Cara’s Tale

For years my career placed me in Downtown Los Angeles. Within the imposing blocks that housed the esteemed financial district, hands extended from power suits shook over million-dollar deals. Lucrative introductions were made at the city club gym. In harsh contrast, one of the most glaring things that changed the landscape designed for wealth was […]

Passion Transcends Vernaculars

I’m so excited to share that my readership has reached twenty-four countries or six out of seven continents! (I’m not holding my breath on Antarctica. I’m getting no love from the penguins!) Educated in the United States, I wrote as I was taught. It was through this incredible writing journey that I began rethinking on […]

Infatuate: An Understated Message

At times when I’m nose-deep in a story, I wonder what is the most vile, detrimental emotion and behavior that would ruin a budding relationship between two eager partners. Insecurity? Arrogance? Fear? Selfishness? Infidelity? Dishonesty? Jealousy? Lack of trust? A gripping story about relationships must have some of those elements, but at what point would […]