Captivating Force of Books and Getting Back in the Game

This year, I took a long break from writing. You might’ve noticed a nine-month gap between the release of my last book and the upcoming Made From Chance. In February, my son lost his father unexpectedly, a month before the scheduled release of Resurrecting Fate.

My creative mind went blank. For months.

It wasn’t so much writer’s block but a lack of motivation. Between worrying about my son and dealing with the family, I didn’t want to look at my screen.

It took time. Slowly, I became more comfortable with how my son was coping, but there was still no waking the dormant characters that lived in my head. I didn’t even want to open a book. Anyone who knew me was shocked, since I was known to plow through 2-3 books a week for most of my adult life. I kept trying but found little appeal. I downloaded ebooks, including ones from my favorite authors, but utterly lost interest within the first few chapters. Repeatedly.

Then it happened. The title and cover of an ebook caught my eye from an author and genre that was unfamiliar to me. Curious, I began reading it and couldn’t put it down. It was romantic fantasy, but vampires and shapeshifters weren’t for me. This was different. This was the retelling of a mythological tale, and I’d always had a fascination with Greek mythology.  

And I started writing.

They came, floods of words and scenes. Made From Chance was born when my creative mind was resuscitated, thanks to a book.

The lead in my favorite band once said there was healing in music (paraphrasing). I believe there was healing in books, too. Reading, writing, or both.

In case you’re wondering which book jumpstarted me, it was A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair.

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