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It was a toss up to Ashley what she enjoyed more: Her job as an executive assistant at MOI or the gorgeous marketing director who teased her with his good-boy charms. When he made arrangements for her to be a temp for his nemesis, persuading her to help him find dirt on the COO, “Callous” Caden, she reluctantly agreed, never mind that Caden was to take over as CEO. Caden in person was as bad as his brutal reputation claimed. Vile, fouled-mouth, impatient, and that was on a good day.


Surrounded by lies and manipulation, Ashley was the chicken soup to Caden’s tired soul. She was unlike anyone he’d met, innocent and easygoing. There wasn’t a deceptive or malicious bone in her body. His temp was definitely tempting him, but there was something not adding up with Ashley, and he meant to find out what that was.



A surprisingly complex novel, with robust character development and a storyline peppered with deceit and mystery. Here we find the machinations behind each character’s behavior, making the pull of their relationship all the more strong. Infiltrate ticks all the boxes of a solid romance – complex characters, a plot that is compelling in its own right, and of course the tension of a union you’re dying to have happen, for a wholly original and captivating work of romance.

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Self-Publishing Review

Infiltrate by K.C Ale is an office romance story that paves the grounds for a whole new level of storytelling. The author presents us with a rich collection of characters to tease our minds into excitement while flipping the pages of this novel.

Review for Infiltrate

Karrie Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

This book was fun from the start as it displays different roles and emotions. Not only was there from cheating, lies, tears but romance. Infiltrate by K.C.Ale is definitely an enjoyable romance novel that lovers of romance will not want to put down.

Review for Infiltrate

Venise Amazon Reviewer

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