Arrangement Series

Reinventing Fate

Book 1

On my feet all day, six days a week in the city serving coffee with a slice of fresh-made pies earns me enough to survive and help my brother achieve his dream.

In walks Colin Kutter with his pristine, designer suit, offering me more than just eye-popping tips.

An envelope with ten thousand dollars. Cash.

That’s just for one week. For every week of the arrangement, I get a fresh one.

What does Colin get in return?

He will shape me into his idea of the perfect woman, alter my fate. His ultimate creation to appease his god-complex.

Refinement coach. Personal trainer. Eloquent. Confident. Tasteful.

If I don’t make it through the week, my brother’s dream doesn’t stand a chance.

Colin doesn’t know it, but my fate, my destiny, was set long before him.

This arrangement, it just might ruin us.



The characters in this book are the selling points. The quirky sister, her manwhore of a brother, the PBF, the sisters good friend..a loving family and the nightmares of another. And all things in-between.

Review for The Platonic Boyfriend Experiment

Deb Scribd Reviewer

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