Arrangement Series

Rearranging Fate

Book 2

Damian wants a baby so badly, he’s got potential baby mamas lined up for the lucrative role… in a file. His obsession with the dinner busser he’s never exchanged one word with intensifies when she shows up with his lost wallet.

She’s the one.

He’ll set her up for life, change her fate. All he wants in return is a baby. When Cara denies him, both their fates will be rearranged.

He has a month to change her mind, but nothing is as it seems. What’s a desperate man to do?



The characters in this book are the selling points. The quirky sister, her manwhore of a brother, the PBF, the sisters good friend..a loving family and the nightmares of another. And all things in-between.

Review for The Platonic Boyfriend Experiment

Deb Scribd Reviewer

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