Passion Transcends Vernaculars

I’m so excited to share that my readership has reached twenty-four countries or six out of seven continents! (I’m not holding my breath on Antarctica. I’m getting no love from the penguins!) Educated in the United States, I wrote as I was taught. It was through this incredible writing journey that I began rethinking on word selection, something I naively took for granted readers would immediately understand. “She raced to her phone and hastily punched in 9-1-1.” Readers in the U.S. would automatically know what it means to dial 9-1-1, which is the emergency number in this country. Those in Australia (thank you, Aussies!), for example, might have guessed, but it wouldn’t have been as obvious. In the U.S., we generally refer to someone attending a postsecondary educational institution as “going to college.” In many other countries, the individual “is in university.”

There’s something to be learned every day, and I’m grateful to my readers all over the world.

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