Reinventing Fate (Deleted Scene)

Paige’s Prologue When I was five, I foolishly thought I’d grow up to be a princess. At eleven, I had matured to believe I can be anything I wanted, including a scientist. At sixteen I became a statistic. Twenty-five years after my first harsh cry for breath, I was reborn.

Rearranging Fate Blog 1: Cara’s Tale

For years my career placed me in Downtown Los Angeles. Within the imposing blocks that housed the esteemed financial district, hands extended from power suits shook over million-dollar deals. Lucrative introductions were made at the city club gym. In harsh contrast, one of the most glaring things that changed the landscape designed for wealth was […]

Passion Transcends Vernaculars

I’m so excited to share that my readership has reached twenty-four countries or six out of seven continents! (I’m not holding my breath on Antarctica. I’m getting no love from the penguins!) Educated in the United States, I wrote as I was taught. It was through this incredible writing journey that I began rethinking on […]

The Platonic Boyfriend Experiment (Deleted Scene)

Chelsea For some reason my quick response seems to be the wrong one when he pushes himself up to stare down at me. “Do you?” This time it was a question. Direct and insistent. My throat goes dry. I’m not good at this. The bedroom talk. Before or after. Now this insanely hot man is […]

New Website!

I’m so excited about my new website! IT IS AMAZ-ERS!!! Rocket Expansion did an incredible job, patiently putting up with my quirks and my particular preferences to create this phenomenal site. Let me know what you think, but whatever you do, please don’t remind me of my old website… I can’t even…

Infatuate: An Understated Message

At times when I’m nose-deep in a story, I wonder what is the most vile, detrimental emotion and behavior that would ruin a budding relationship between two eager partners. Insecurity? Arrogance? Fear? Selfishness? Infidelity? Dishonesty? Jealousy? Lack of trust? A gripping story about relationships must have some of those elements, but at what point would […]

eBook Giveaway For Infatuate

“Look at you, pining over him like some love-starved loser. It’s quite sad, the way he chooses not to see you.” SuzyEveryone in the office knows. My two-year infatuation is that pathetically transparent. That is, everyone except the beautiful, giant, tatted man himself. Carlson barely acknowledges me, and only if he’s forced to within polite […]

Infatuate (Bonus Scene)

When Carlson Met Suzy Why do they bother with the reduced calorie, less sugar crap in the snack bin? No one touches that make-believe junk unless it’s to chuck them aside in search of the real stuff. Staff at the headquarters of a construction firm needs calories and packed sugar to get through the bullshit […]

Maybe I Lied (Deleted Scene)

Fourteen months before… Maddy With an exasperated and not a little irritated huff, I forcefully wedged a pair of yoga pants into the overflowing suitcase. The luggage’s partner was already stuffed to capacity and sitting by the front door, ready for its early morning flight to our new temporary home. In Asia. In a country […]

Maybe I Knew (Bonus Scene)

Ten years earlier… Maddy The determined rap on the door jolted me awake. It was beyond midnight on Friday night – or really early Saturday morning. I must had just starting dozing off, having long adapted to the array of footsteps and muted chaos from the hallway of a typical all girls dormitory. Blinking in […]