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“I’m just the voice for the characters and their journey to HEA.”

K.C. Ale lost the ferocious battle with sanity and began happily making up lovesick people in her mind. In her quick defense, these were people worth knowing. An avid reader of contemporary romance, some thrillers, food package labels, lawn signs, and that annoying banner at the bottom of the TV screen, she decided to introduce the starry-eyed characters through writing. She acquired the nickname “Dr. K.C.” during her teens when she wouldn’t shut-up with her relationship advises, and a decade later, the people-writing and unsolicited relationship-nurturing began marrying with romance.

Based in Los Angeles and raised PG (Pre-Google), K.C. is a caffeine-free survivor who’s known to space out without warning while a scene madly percolates in her head, especially when alt rock is blaring in her ears. She has a Dude Crew that she casually consults with on the peculiarities of the male psyche… another reason why she lost that battle with sanity. K.C. spent years in the corporate world working for millionaires and billionaires whose lavish lifestyles she borrowed for her characters. Luxury yachts, private planes, and extravagant residences across the globe were not uncommon, though much to her disappointed chagrin, none of the billionaires fell for her.

Her son believes she spends all day writing as a poor disguise for covert snacking and would utterly crumble in a heap of mortification if he knows mom is sharing tales of love and kisses.


Book: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Food: Almost any pastry with chocolate

Song: Everlong by Foo Fighters (“It’s romantic to me!”)

Scent: Sea and freshly ground coffee

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