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“I’m just the voice for the characters and their journey to HEA.”

K.C. Ale lost the ferocious battle with sanity and began happily making up lovesick people in her mind. In her quick defense, these were people worth knowing. An avid reader of contemporary romance, some thrillers, food package labels, lawn signs, and that annoying banner at the bottom of the TV screen, she decided to introduce the starry-eyed characters through writing.

No paycheck was more than what they discovered in each other.

Platonic was only the prelude… that’s not how the men play.



K.C. Ale made Colin and Paige come to life from a romantic perspective. I fell in love with Paige’s independent nature and her ability to challenge Colin’s superiority complex. The tension between them was intense and kept growing every moment they were together.

Review for Reinventing Fate


A surprisingly complex novel, with robust character development and a storyline peppered with deceit and mystery. Here we find the machinations behind each character’s behavior, making the pull of their relationship all the more strong. Infiltrate ticks all the boxes of a solid romance – complex characters, a plot that is compelling in its own right, and of course the tension of a union you’re dying to have happen, for a wholly original and captivating work of romance.

Review for Infiltrate

Self-Publishing Review

Perpetuate by K.C. Ale is a passionate contemporary romance novel laced with humor, suspense, and loads of sparks flying. K.C. Ale has crafted such a beautiful novel, building a brilliant story on a unique plot. The characters were well developed and memorable.

Review for Perpetuate

Readers' Favorite

The characters in this book are the selling points. The quirky sister, her manwhore of a brother, the PBF, the sisters good friend..a loving family and the nightmares of another. And all things in-between.

Review for The Platonic Boyfriend Experiment

Deb Scribd Reviewer

This was a great book! The story was good, the characters likable and the plot just salacious enough. I enjoyed the twist that I did not see coming!

Review for Escalate

Kim Amazon Reviewer

Infiltrate by K.C Ale is an office romance story that paves the grounds for a whole new level of storytelling. The author presents us with a rich collection of characters to tease our minds into excitement while flipping the pages of this novel.

Review for Infiltrate

Karrie Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

I loved this book. This story has a little bit of everything, love, heartbreak, etc.

Review for Perpetuate

The Tattoo Blogger Goodreads Reviewer

K.C. Ale takes Chick Lit to a new high as substantial literature. She delves into sound characterizations, allowing the reader to fully appreciate her principal heroine’s mindscape and behavior responses. K.C. Ale makes solid impression with this novel.

Review for Infiltrate

Grady Harp Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

This book was fun from the start as it displays different roles and emotions. Not only was there from cheating, lies, tears but romance. Infiltrate by K.C.Ale is definitely an enjoyable romance novel that lovers of romance will not want to put down.

Review for Infiltrate

Venise Amazon Reviewer

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    Fun Footnotes

    Spoiler Alert!

    Music plays a significant role in my writing process.
    You might notice that theme!

    Damian’s father was introduced as a handsome politician. As I was formulating the scene, a certain California Governor’s appearance leaped into my mind and took hold. (In physical appearance only!)

    A song infused the scene for Carlson and Suzy’s stolen moment where she physically persuaded him to dance with her under the desert sky. “The crossfire of harsh craving and unspeakable restraint.” (Crossfire by Brandon Flowers)

    Synapse’s CFO’s bustling, logical mind was modeled after a former colleague, who shared the same title.

    During the conceptual stage (i.e., daydreaming), Caden wasn’t supposed to be a callous character. The second he was introduced his outrageous personality instinctively formed without effort. I hope you found him as amusing and relatable as I did!

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